Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Destroyer of Worlds

Prior to the elections much was made of just who Obama was. For those willing to set aside the god-like adoration and honestly look at those he associated with, they found radical leftists like Sal Salinsky and his “Rules for Radicals”. His pastor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright whose bigoted rants from the pulpit provided a clear window to his spiritual soul. Bill Ayers, the unrepentant Weatherman bomber acted as a mentor from his early days at Columbia through his entry into politics.

His state legislative record provided insights as well. His inability to make a decision was clearly on display in his 125+ times voting “Present”. A willingness to allow fetuses born alive during a botched abortion to simply die gave us an early indication of the value he places on the lives of those most helpless in our society. A persistent desire to limit the position of fire arms indicated Obama cared little for our second amendment rights.

Conversations with “Joe the Plumber” clearly showed his intention to seize the earnings of the “rich” and “spread the wealth around” to those who are less productive.

There was also his fondness for exaggeration. He billed himself as a law professor in constitutional law. Actually, he was a guest lecturer. There were many others: his introduction of legislation regarding reporting of small nuclear plant leaks (he didn’t), his parents fell in love during their march on Selma ( yet he was born 4 years prior), he played up his community organizing abilities (he opened a single employment office and had asbestos removed) were but a few “accomplishments” he hailed during the campaign.

Since election he has hired numerous lobbyists, after vowing they would have no place. He promised to make Washington swear off earmarks, yet his most recent spending bill has over 9,000 of them. Four of his appointees have had substantial tax problems – one of which now runs the IRS.

Perhaps we could conclude he was less than honest about who he was, what his core values were and the direction he would take our country.

In a brief period of only 8 weeks, it has been clear who we have elected to – as his lovely wife Michele declared – rule over our nation. In the Hindu religion the third god is Lord Shiva – the Destroyer of Worlds. This is the persona President Obama has seen fit to take on, Lord Shiva.

In an amazing and mind numbing series of proclamations, spending bills, bail-outs, and flat out usurpations of power our new Dark Lord has single handedly destroyed 2.1 Trillion dollars of wealth from Americans retirement plans, pensions, investment portfolios and 401Ks. It’s far from over. He has given no indication that he is even aware that people are looking to him for some level of confidence that he understands the problem. In stead he declares the “profit/earning” ratio is getting good enough and we should consider buying stocks. The fact that there is no such thing as “profit/earning” ratio seems to have slipped his mind. His unwillingness to address the toxic housing inventory, the lack of credit for small businesses, the implosion of the auto industry, the failing state budgets and pension plans do nothing but accelerate his task of destroying America’s economy.

To arrest the plummeting revenues collected by the Federal Government, he has decided to increase taxes on “the rich” (tell me, doesn’t 60% feel just a bit high??), eliminate tax breaks on the evil oil companies just as their profits are plummeting, repeal the Bush tax cuts (increasing taxes on those making $45,000 per year by 13%), adding a cap and trade policy sure to drastically increase the cost of electricity and fuel, impose new CAFÉ standards on the auto industry as it falls apart in their hands, remove deductions for interest on homes as we are trying to buck up the real-estate market and remove deductions for charitable giving as charities see the pending money squeeze coming.

Thus President Obama takes his place as our first Lord Shiva, the destroyer on the American economy. And we have another three years and 10 months to look forward to. Our grandchildren will sit and wonder why we elected such a man as our President.

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