Thursday, April 30, 2009

RealClearPolitics - The Attack On Doctors' Hippocratic Oath

At least the Obama administration is consistent on treatment of the gravely ill - just let them die.

The Attack On Doctors' Hippocratic Oath

By Betsy McCaughey

Patients count on their doctor to do whatever is possible to treat their illness. That is the promise doctors make by taking the Hippocratic Oath.

But President Obama's advisers are looking to save money by interfering with that oath and controlling your doctor's decisions.

Ezekiel Emanuel sees the Hippocratic Oath as one factor driving "overuse" of medical care. He is a policy adviser in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and a brother of Rahm Emanuel, the president's chief of staff.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And so the Union Own Chrysler - what could possibly go wrong?

Something about fox and henhouse comes to mind.

UAW Said to Get 55% Chrysler Ownership, Board Seats

By John Lippert and Mike Ramsey

April 28 (Bloomberg) -- The United Auto Workers union’s retiree health-care fund will own 55 percent of Chrysler LLC in exchange for cutting in half the automaker’s $10.6 billion cash obligation to the trust, people familiar with the matter said.

Under the terms of the contract, the trust would get representation on the company’s board of directors, said two people briefed on the deal, who asked not to be named because the matter is private.

Monday, April 27, 2009

TARP: The Looming Debacle

It seems the $700 BILLION TARP program has grown a bit - say 4 times.  Anyone getting to vote on this??  Any debate before Congress??  Any ability for the common man to have their say through the vote of their representative??  Is that really too much to ask??

TARP: The Looming Debacle

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April 27, 2009 Posted by John at 8:00 AM

On April 21, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Act of 2009--"SIGTARP"--submitted his quarterly report to Congress on his office's activities in relation to the TARP program. The report is a disquieting document that should be read by every American--certainly be every taxpayer.

The Inspector General's report documents the stunning and at least partly illegal expansion of TARP from the $700 billion originally allocated by Congress to what is now a $3 trillion complex of programs. This chart shows the various programs that are now included within SIGTARP's oversight, and how they have expanded from the initial $700 billion. Note that some of the programs are still incipient; $3 trillion is by no means a final number. Click to enlarge:


Obama administration concerned about growing shortage of primary-care doctors -

Why is this a surprise?  If you don't pay someone according to their particular skill, and they have the ability to not accept the payment, why does anyone in this administration think the doctors will accept it?   Canada provides a great example.  Government healthcare, mandated government insurance, doctors paid by the government, average salary - $53,000 per year.  The result?  A tremendous doctor shortage, huge patient waits and healthcare approaching 3rd world levels in many areas of the country.  Is that truly what the American people want?

Obama administration concerned about growing shortage of primary-care doctors

by Robert Pear/New York Times

Sunday April 26, 2009, 9:59 PM

Washington -- Obama administration officials, alarmed at doctor shortages, are looking for ways to increase the number of physicians to meet the needs of an aging population and millions of uninsured people who would gain coverage under legislation championed by the president.

The officials said they were particularly concerned about shortages of primary-care providers who are the main source of health care for most Americans.

One proposal -- to increase Medicare payments to general practitioners, at the expense of high-paid specialists -- has touched off a lobbying fight.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

TARP Looking More Criminal by the Minute by Donald Luskin on NRO Financial

What could possible go wrong with TARP funding?  The government needs the authority to save the banks.  We have to pass it now!!!  Something about absolute power corrupting absolutely comes to mind.


TARP Looking More Criminal by the Minute by Donald Luskin on NRO Financial


The issue of TARP corruption may now extend from corporate CEOs and federal regulators to New York’s attorney general.
By Donald Luskin

Is TARP a criminal enterprise? When a CNBC producer called me on Wednesday to see if I’d debate that question on the Kudlow Report that evening, I thought the allegation was ridiculous. How could the U.S. Treasury’s Troubled Assets Relief Program to rescue the banking system possibly be compared to the Sopranos?
But now I’m not so sure. Yesterday’s sensational claims by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo — that Ken Lewis, CEO of TARP-recipient Bank of America, was pressured into what amounts to securities fraud by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve concerning his bank’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch — throws the question right into the headlines. It raises issues of corruption all around, and at the highest levels — from corporate CEOs and federal regulators to Mr. Cuomo himself.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Does anyone actually study history anymore?

A cartoon scan from the Chicago Tribune - 1934.  Thanks to Barry for this gem.

depression photo 1934

BizzyBlog » When Will the Press Catch On to Uncle Sam’s Collections Meltdown?

Knock, Knock - John Galt calling!

When Will the Press Catch On to Uncle Sam’s Collections Meltdown?

Almost a year ago, I was posting on what I called the “Supply-Side Stunner” (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog).

In April 2008, the US Treasury collected an all-time record $407.3 billion ($403.75 billion after subtracting the first $3.35 billion wave of stimulus checks, which really should have been treated as outlays, that went out just before month-end). It was an indication that, as I said at the time, “many (entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and investors) are thinking, in the face of relentless media harping to the contrary, that 2008 will be at least as profitable (as 2007).”

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It seems like cap and trade is going to enter the discussion phase.

The true root of this is policy is simply dollars in the US treasury.  However, the tool being used to hammer things through is the increase in CO2 caused by man and the claim that unless this is reduced, the planet is doomed.  To say that the argument lacks any use of the scientific method would be this years greatest understatement.  I am a person of science.  Any threat that is being used to change our entire way of life and that will subject our economy to a crippling taxes should, at the very least, stand up under analysis by anyone using the scientific method.  It simply does not.  Period.

Why not?  Honestly, the amount of CO2 generated by man, is so infinitesimal that it has, for all intents and purposes, zero effect on the atmosphere.  But, how to explain this so folks can wrap their heads around it.  I have been toying with that for some time and settled on using a small local lake as an example.

Within a mile of my home there is a small 150 acre county park.  Within it is a 22 acre lake.  The question I asked myself is:  How many gallons of lake water would represent the amount of CO2 generated by man in the atmosphere.  The following is my logic and math.  Any and all are certainly welcome to check my numbers.

Square Feet per Acre


Acres in Rogers Lake


Average Depth Rogers Lake


Cubic Feet in Rogers Lake


Gallons per Cubic Foot


Estimated Gallons in Rogers Lake



Composition of Atmosphere

Gallon In Rogers Lake













Carbon Dioxide















Nitrous Oxide










Carbon Dioxide Levels

Pre Industrial

Natural Addition

Man Made Additions


(in parts per billion)





Percentage of each





Percentage of Atmosphere CO2 due to man



Gallons in Rogers Lake equal to CO2 due to man



So, were our little lake the earth's atmosphere, of the 64,514,102.40 gallons contained in the lake, only 747 gallons would represent the man-made CO2 in our atmosphere.  Just on the face of it, the claim that this small increase is dooming our planet is ludicrous.  What the MSM is not pointing out is that thousands of scientists were either not on the global warming bandwagon or have jumped off.  To place our economy in jeopardy over this farce is perhaps the single most un-American action of the American Left and the Big "O".

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When Doctors Opt Out -

Why is anyone surprised that doctors simply will not work for nothing?

When Doctors Opt Out


We already know what government-run health care looks like.

Here's something that has gotten lost in the drive to institute universal health insurance: Health insurance doesn't automatically lead to health care. And with more and more doctors dropping out of one insurance plan or another, especially government plans, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see a physician no matter what coverage you have.

Consider that the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission reported in 2008 that 28% of Medicare beneficiaries looking for a primary care physician had trouble finding one, up from 24% the year before. The reasons are clear: A 2008 survey by the Texas Medical Association, for example, found that only 38% of primary-care doctors in Texas took new Medicare patients. The statistics are similar in New York state, where I practice medicine.

Obama would regulate new 'bubbles' - Eamon Javers -

So let's get this straight.  This guy who has never had a real job (except for president), never ran a company (except for the presidency), never made a payroll (including the presidency) is now running the banking system, running the insurance sector, running the auto sector and is not getting ready to look at companies on wallstreet and tell them their stock price is increasing too rapidly and they need to tamp down their growth in value??   Communism anyone??  State Planning??

Obama would regulate new 'bubbles'

By EAMON JAVERS | 4/18/09 6:44 AM EDT 

President Barack Obama appears in Trinidad.

Obama is bracing Americans for a recovery different than any in recent memory.

Photo: Reuters

As he battles the economic downturn, President Barack Obama is bracing Americans for a recovery different than any in recent memory – not a go-go return to prosperity like the 1990s but a slow, steady climb to stability.
“We know that an economy built on reckless speculation, inflated home prices, and maxed-out credit cards does not create lasting wealth. It creates the illusion of prosperity, and it’s endangered us all,” Obama said recently.
But what Obama rarely says about ending the “cycle of bubble and bust” is this: he’s prepared to intervene to make sure that kind of red-hot growth doesn’t occur.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More TEA Party 2009 photos and a video.

I processed a few more photos and a video of what was going on in Washington Park in Dubuque, Iowa yesterday.  I suspect we will be seeing more of these.


DSCN0784 (Medium)

DSCN0785 (Medium) 

DSCN0786 (Medium)

DSCN0787 (Medium)

DSCN0788 (Medium)

DSCN0789 (Medium)

DSCN0790 (Medium)

DSCN0792 (Medium)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA Party - Dubuque, Iowa

TEA Parties - just what do they mean? Personally, I believe they are the beginning of a public expression of anger over a government that seems out of control. This current anger began during the run up to the 2006 election with the passage of Medicare Part D, the Amnesty Bill and a general disregard for the wishes of the people for the government to butt out.

It accelerated during the spring of 2008 with the very first bailouts and has done nothing but gain speed since. The left seems to want to write it off as just kooks - I don't think so.

So, today with Daughter and granddaughters in hand, we will enter the world of the TEA Party. My intent is to personally see what is going on and then to conduct a few interviews for my blog. I was originally going to use video, but have changed my mind and will use stills and recorded audio for each person. So off we go!

Welcome to my TEA Party Interviews. First, an introduction:

There was a good turnout, I would estimate between 150 and 200 folks. Local speakers shared their thoughts about Congress, our economy, the direction of our economy and what we should do next. While walking around, I conducted four interviews.

First were Tom and Fran Hill, here's what they had to say:

Next up was Rod Blum, one of the speakers:

On the corner, waving to passing cars were Kathy Block and Jan Eagan:

And finally Kirk and Sara:

There were a number of common themes throughout our conversations: too much spending - virtually all felt that federal spending is completely out of control. Government intrusion was next - government is sticking it's nose where it simply does not belong. These TEA Parties are just the beginning. Anger at our government's spending and it's increasing control of the business sector is raising an alarm for these folks. There were even a few simply afraid to be interviewed for fear the government might be monitoring their words.

Basically, I think there is much more to come and I'll be there listening, talking and reporting.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Are the Communist Chinese smarter than Obama and Gietner? Looks like they are.

As The Big "O" plots the bankruptcy of our children and grand children, the Chinese are putting the brakes on the lending to us.  Perhaps the communists can save us from our socialist plunge into financial ruin.

China Slows Purchases of U.S. and Other Bonds


Published: April 12, 2009

HONG KONG — Reversing its role as the world’s fastest-growing buyer of United States Treasuries and other foreign bonds, the Chinese government actually sold bonds heavily in January and February before resuming purchases in March, according to data released during the weekend by China’s central bank.

Cutting Back

Cutting Back

China’s foreign reserves grew in the first quarter of this year at the slowest pace in nearly eight years, edging up $7.7 billion, compared with a record increase of $153.9 billion in the same quarter last year.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bailout Exceeds 90 Percent of 2008 U.S. GDP - HUMAN EVENTS

Change you can believe in.

Bailout Exceeds 90 Percent of 2008 U.S. GDP - HUMAN EVENTS

by  Deroy Murdock


Anyone who doubts that the Bush and Obama administrations collectively transformed America into a socialist state should consider this: For every dollar American citizens generated last year, the federal bailout consumed more than 90 cents in outlays, loans, and commitments.
Bloomberg News has tallied Washington, D.C.’s spending and promises as it props up banks, insurers, automakers, and seemingly everyone except hardworking taxpayers who promptly pay their bills. Bloomberg deserves great credit for focusing on this constantly moving target. In its latest estimate, Bloomberg correspondents Mark Pittman and Bob Ivry reported March 31 that the Federal Reserve, Treasury, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Department of Housing and Urban Development have saddled taxpayers with $12.8 trillion so far. America’s 2008 gross domestic product was $14.2 trillion. Hence, the federal bailout now equals 90.14 percent of GDP.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

American Business - in the best of hands.

Consent of the Governed


When our founders were drafting the Constitution and determining the form of government they wanted for this new country, they evaluated two primary types, Democracies and Republics. Their paramount concern when choosing a path for this new government was that the leaders and direction would be determined by the “consent of the governed”. Let that phrase sink in for a moment: “consent of the governed”. They were particularly interested in Greek democracy and its failure. This was their primary example for a direct democracy - where virtually all decisions were made by the direct and individual vote by each citizen. They decided that its failure in Greece came about in part because it was impossible for each citizen to be fully informed on each and every topic and that their votes, while certainly cast by the governed, were cast by people knowingly ignorant of the issue and thus cast without a full understanding of what they were voting for.

They chose as their direction a Republic. The governed would be represented by individuals that were directly elected by them or by individuals selected by people the governed had elected. These were local people, people they had the opportunity to know, to talk to. People raised in their region that shared their sense of values. People whose primary reason for standing for election was a sincere desire to serve their friends by serving in their nation’s government, and then leaving office and returning to their community – to be replaced by another civil servant. This rotation of people was to ensure that those elected would remain tied to their home communities rather than being consumed by the power of the federal government. Thus the “consent of the governed” would be refreshed with each new legislator sent off to the federal government.

The other advantage of a republic was that this elected and trustworthy neighbor would be able to devote their efforts to understanding the legislation presented for consideration. Rather than each individual citizen of the 13 colonies being required to understand the content of each and every bill introduced, argued and voted on, the belief was that since the elected representative and each selected (in the early days) senator would naturally have the best interests of their constituents at heart and cast their vote with these interests in mind.

This approach then met the test of “consent of the governed”. The Representative Republic was born.

So how is this working today? Honestly, I have more than a few concerns. While I am certainly as partisan as they come, and proudly so, this particular issue rises above partisanship and directly effects the ability of our country to survive as the Representative Republic it was meant to be. Let me share a few examples that concern me:

This week’s ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court that gay marriage is an “equal treatment under the law” issue and now legal within the state of Iowa. My frustration is not with the verdict, though I support civil unions and not marriage for gays, but with the simple fact the people of Iowa had no say in the matter. This was an argument generated out of whole cloth by a single court verdict and elevated to the Supreme Court of Iowa level. A decision made, not by the people of Iowa, but by a single court. This is not “consent of the governed” but rather a single branch of government imposing its will on the governed.

Next, the current flurry of bailouts throughout our country. I have run my small business in Vinton for nearly 28 years. At times, frankly, I have struggled mightily. Yet, if I would have reached a point where I could have not continued, I would have simply been forced to close my doors and fail. Now, we find that TRILLIONS of dollars of the American taxpayer is being used to prop up companies that are failing. The housing bailout called TARP was created in weeks this past fall, ran over one thousand pages in length and was voted on without a single Legislator or Senator having actually read the bill. It passed. And was promptly changed by then Secretary Paulson without the consent of congress. And it still isn’t working with over 25% of newly refinanced home loans already in default for a second time. How does voting for a bill, without fully reading and understanding it, costing trillions of our hard earned dollars, pass the “consent of the governed” test?

Third, the Federal Reserve printing a TRILLION dollars in money to purchase even more bad loans from banks on the brink of bankruptcy. This was an act, executed with no debate at all. Article 1 of the Constitution clearly states that all bills regarding raising revenue must begin in the House of Representatives. Honestly, I am unclear how the Fed can simply print a trillion dollars. Regardless, again, how does this decrease in the value of the dollar, without any debate by any elected official represent the “consent of the governed"?

Forth, the auto bailout. We, the people, now own GM and Chrysler. And we paid too much – over 30 BILLION to date. If you went on the stock exchange, purchased every piece of stock – EVERY SINGLE, SOLITIARY PIECE OF STOCK AVAILABLE ON THE PLANET – you would only spend $1.28 billion as of Friday, April 3rd. We have spent 23 times more on GM than it is worth. By what possible description is this a good deal?? And, they are asking for more – much more. Was there a single vote for the initial round of GM bailout money? Nope, not a single vote, only then President Bush’s signature. Again, referring to the goal of the founders that our elected representatives would serve the best needs of their constituents, how does spending this amount of American’s hard earned money on a company in failure meet the “consent of the governed”? Would you buy GM stock??

Let’s not forget our energy needs. The people of America have spoken in a loud voice, use our own resources and stop depending on foreign countries with anything but our well-being on their mind. And yet, even with the expiration of the off-shore drilling ban this past October, members of congress are moving quickly to reinstate it. How does this further our national security? Our resources – oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear – should be used to their fullest to ensure our ability to grow and exist as a nation. I am confused when a clear majority of Americans are in favor of using these resources and the Congress’s stubbornly resisting this meets the “consent of the governed” test.

Illegal immigration and the security of our borders. This is certainly a hot-button issue that has its flames fanned by both sides of the issue. However, it is a perfect example of how “consent of the governed” could quite simply resolve the issue. The issue has never revolved around the idea of immigration. All of us are here because, originally, one of our ancestors left the “old country” and immigrated to the US. And, we have long had laws in place that handled this exact issue. There are very clear procedures in place that states the process that needs to be followed when immigrating to the US as well as quotas from each country. If these laws need to change, if the quotas need to be raised – then present these to the American people. Have the legislators discuss this with the people of their district – and the change them. Offering a blanket amnesty of people who have violated the laws of our country does not – by any stretch of the imagination – meet the “consent of the governed”. Additionally, the vast majority of Americans want a secure border with Mexico – period. One of the basic duties of the government of the United States is to secure our borders. The fact that our Congress and numerous administrations fail to do this single task seems to fly in the face of the “consent of the governed”.

There are a large number of other examples where I, or friends, have commented that they simply didn’t know how the government could do “that” – whatever “that” was in the moment. The truth is, they can’t. Our elected officials serve at our pleasure. They are expected to listen to the folks back home, to actually read the bills they vote for, to understand the effects of the legislation they pass and to honor their position as servants of the people each and every day they are in office. They have forgotten. Our federal and state governments are in the midst of a spending orgy the likes of which we, as a country, have never seen. The Obama administration is proposing a budget that spends more money than all of the previous administrations combined. Their own CBO has estimated annual budget deficits of over a TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR as far as they can predict into the future. We will be passing on to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren a debt that they will simply be unable to pay. I do not believe, in my heart, that this is the wish of any American. We need to remind ourselves that these folks are in office by the “consent of the governed” and that they answer to us. If we, as citizens, are expected to live within our budgets, we expect to have our government do so as well.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

W.H. team discloses TARP firm ties - Kenneth P. Vogel -

I'm shocked!  Shocked I tell you!!  Those in Big "O's" administration personally made MILLIONS off groups receiving TARP funds!!  Why.... why.....  geezzz, how just, just shocking that is!!

W.H. team discloses TARP firm ties

By KENNETH P. VOGEL | 4/3/09 10:49 PM EDT 

Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama, pulled in more than $2.7 million in speaking fees paid by firms at the heart of the financial crisis, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Corp. and the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.

He pulled in another $5.2 million from D.E. Shaw, a hedge fund for which he served as managing director from October 2006 until joining the administration.
Thomas E. Donilon, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, was paid $3.9 million by the power law firm O’Melveny & Myers to represent clients including two firms that receieved federal bailout funds: Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. He also disclosed that he’s a member of the Trilateral Commission and sits on the steering committee of the supersecret Bilderberg group. Both groups are favorite targets of conspiracy theorists.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Change you can believe in - Obama bows and kisses the hand of the Saudi King.

I can't even imagine what our President is thinking.  Showing subservience to the Saudi King.  As I have said in the past, we are going to pay a terrible price as a nation for electing this man.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Computer History Museum - Timeline of Computer History

The real engine of the past 35 years.  So what will replace it for the next?

Computer History Museum - Timeline of Computer History

The National Budget, Debt & Deficit

There is a stunning lack of knowledge of basic economics and the history of government revenue, spending and deficits.  These graphs should help.

The National Budget, Debt & Deficit

"Clinton balanced the budget." "The national debt is at an all time high" (and so is the deficit). What does this all mean? I found some historical information and plugged the numbers into Excel and generated these charts.